About Us

In the Spring of 1998, Christos noticed that his clients were consistently demanding interior renovations like kitchens and bathrooms.  He added these items to services he already offered through Paramount Services, including minor plumbing, electrical maintenance, floor and trim work.

He began providing these services to the ever increasing number of REIT’s and multi-unit developers. As demand for his services grew, Paramount’s current suppliers could not keep up. They were unable to deliver the necessary materials needed to consistently deliver the fast service Christos had become known for with his clients.

Instead of allowing his business to be interrupted by a lack of immediate inventory, Christos decided to start his own wood supply company and have total control over the time, quality, amounts and distribution of the resources he required enabling his clients to achieve the fastest turnaround possible.

As a result, Cabinet Craft was born. Still Paramount’s only supplier, Cabinet Craft provides prefabricated, European style, frameless cabinetry components to kitchen and bathroom manufacturers around the country.